Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 28

Grace fell asleep at naptime in her sunglasses. She was starting to wake up as I took the picture, and it's blurry to boot, but I still thought she earned the photo of the day.

September 26

View from the Missouri River bridge at Washington, MO (they're doing some construction on the bridge and Jonathan and I were waiting for the light on our anniversary date)

September 25

Sleepy Stephen

September 23

Anniversary chicken pot pie

September 21

a hint of color to come!

September 19

headed to the van after an afternoon working at the chapel

September 17

sunny day picnic

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 14

At Thierbach Orchards in Marthasville, Missouri

September 13

Hair cuts for Kate and Grace

September 12

Gerald and Dee's 25th anniversary vow renewal kiss!

September 9

At Ellie and Siah's joint B-day party (the one with presents).

September 8

Happy 10th birthday, Josiah!

September 7

The new KBC chapel

September 6

Campfire and singing at KBC - bliss!

September 5

Dreams come true

September 4

On the way to Hutchinson

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 3 - Happy 11th Birthday Ellie!

Ellie's birthday dinner was tonight. She and Josiah (whose bday is next Tues) will have a joint party next week, but for tonight, she got to choose her birthday dinner.

And, just because he's so cute, an extra one... of Stephen and Maggie (Dad and Mom Smith's dog):

September 2

This wonderful sunflower plant volunteered in the middle of our garden. Love it!

September 1

Kate and Grace - two of my darlings.

The boys playing kickball:

August 31

Another shot of our handsome young rooster. Really, I'll stop for a while with the rooster.

August 29 - Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan with his new penny whistle:

The amazingly fabulous cake:

August 27

Our young rooster is growing up. His tail feathers are starting to get longer and more colorful.

August 25

A day to remember. We brought our wonderful puppy home.

Later, we had a picnic up at the pond with Dad and Mom Smith. Tried to merge two pictures here...